Friday, November 24, 2006

What an UNPLEASANT Surprise.

Now that COMMON SENSE BUSINESS is in paperback at $13.95, it's starting to move off the bookstore shelves a lot faster. That, coupled with the fact that there is an eight-page feature in the November/December, 2006, issue of SUCCESS Magazine (see page 54) and my Web site address appears at the end of the article, convinced me that I needed to take another look at the whole "Blog" idea—and maybe get serious about it.

So I logged on to my own blog, and was shocked to see the things that people had posted on MY blog. Dirty, naughty, nasty, awful, crass, tasteless stuff that I would never approve for posting on MY blog. I deleted it all immediately.

Beginning today, I have new rules. If you want to post something on MY blog, it has to get past MY eyes! No more, "I'd love to hear your comments." Well, that's not quite fair. I do want to hear your comments, but they won't make it onto MY blog unless they are about small business, finance, investing and similar topics.

Thanks for understanding! And I apologize if you viewed the blog before I eliminmated the garbage, and you were offended in any way.