Do you want to write a killer book or screenplay, but don’t know where to start?

Steve will soon be offering an intensive three-day “Career Writing Workshop” based on his popular college class, English 498/Journalism 498, “Writing as a Career.”

Steve teaches this in-demand, highly acclaimed upper division course at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ, where he holds the position of “Writer-in-Residence.” He developed all of the course materials based on his experience as a published author, produced screenwriter and in-demand ghostwriter. This instructional material is currently being developed into a major textbook as well as ongoing seminar/workshop events.

Here’s what Steve’s students have to say about “Writing as a Career:”

The “Writing as a Career” class with Steve Gottry has real life application and priceless information for future writers.  In the third grade, I decided I would write children's books and until this class I have not found accurate guidance in that endeavor.  I have written my first book this semester and Steve is guiding me through the publishing process.

Others in our class are writing screenplays, novels, self-help books, and more.  With Steve, the possibilities are endless. He is there for encouragement and practical, honest guidance.

This is a course I will never forget and I know I am not alone in my honest appreciation for the experience.

Rebekah Manley
(Senior, Public Relations Major)

I love your emails.  No other teacher that I have EVER had has kept in touch with the class like you do with your emails.  It shows how much you invest in us and how much you enjoy our class and I appreciate that immensely.

Josiah McDaniel
(Senior, Business Major)

Awesome! Thank you for the encouragement. I really appreciate all of your input and wisdom on writing.  Thank you for being more than just a teacher to our class.

Karl Feller

Did I mention how much I love this class? If I didn't have so many other classes, I would love to focus on this class only. Thanks so much!

Andreanna Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and the freedom to be able to do a larger project and pick whatever topic I wanted. It was not until a few months ago that I actually had a desire to write seriously because I was a bit intimidated.  I have you to thank for easing my spirits a little bit about the writing process.  Thanks for a fun class and for encouraging us to write.

Steve Smith

It's been a great year in your class!  You've really rekindled my passion for screenwriting, and you've pushed my confidence up a few notches. Thanks so much!

Beth Hoenig
(Sophomore, future Oscar® winner!)

Steve, thanks so much for all you did for us! Your class was amazing! Thanks for your continuous encouragement and I look forward to seeing you again in the fall. I'm still going to try to get some articles accepted to magazines and I'll be sure to let you know how that goes. You gave me the inspiration and the courage to do it and now I'm really going to push my writing and see where it takes me.

Aubrey Schneider

I am an almost-graduate of Grand Canyon University who just recently completed a course with Steve Gottry called Writing as a Career.  This has been one of the most helpful and practical classes I have taken at GCU, considering my major (Communications) and my interests.  I would endorse this class to all students interested in any type of writing.  

In addition, Steve is a phenomenal and available professor.  He personally cares about each individual student and goes out of his way to help each person grow to his or her potential. He is also forward-thinking and offers fresh ideas.

What a wonderful privilege it has been to learn under Steve, who is currently in the field he is teaching us all about.  Thank you for letting us have him as our professor this semester.  

This class was a blast!

Amelia R. Emmons
Executive Assistant, Office of Admission
Grand Canyon University

Don’t ever stop caring about your studentsit showed in everything that you did, and fostered an environment where ideas could be shared, debated, and laughed about for hours on end.

Keep sharing your personal experienceit was the greatest thing in the world to have the opportunity to hear from someone who has “been there, and done that.”  It is rare in college that I have had a class that was so immediately applicable to the ‘real world.’”

Theresa Burdick

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