From the Foreword by Ken Blanchard:

“How many times have you heard the phrase, ‘That’s what it’s all about?’ Those five words are as overused as any in the English languageand can refer to anything from sinking a 30-foot putt to seeing a newborn baby for the first time.

“You are about to come face to face to those words once again. Because if you own a small business or plan to begin a new venture in the future, this book is what small business is all about!

COMMON SENSE BUSINESS is an energizing, inspiring, provocative personal “letter” to you from my friend and co-author of THE ON-TIME, ON-TARGET MANAGER, Steve Gottry. In fact, until now, I had never seen so much solid business advice dispensed in a single book.

What other leaders have said about COMMON SENSE BUSINESS:

“A reality-based, optimistically-sound practical why and how-to approach to business success. It’s concise, clear cut, easy to read and practical in application because of its sound ethical base. Good stuff!”

Zig Ziglar
Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker

“If you plan to own, manage, or be part of a profitable growth business, read this book. If you plan to fail, give it to your competitors! It is on target in today’s global village.”

Dr. Denis Waitley
Author, The Psychology of Winning

“The section on marketing and advertising alone is well worth the price of the book! As the owner of a marketing firm that has proven these principles time and again with our clients, I can assure you that the author’s advice can help any small business break through the noise and clutter to stand out in the marketplace.”

Elaine Ralls, Ph.D.
President, HMI Marketing and Advertising, Tempe, AZ

“This is absolutely essential information for anyone who dreams of starting his or her own business venture?and staying in business. Steve Gottry has done a wonderful job of immediately engaging readers and never losing them, as he shares his authentic journey through the highs and lows of owning and growing any small business.”

Kathy Player, Ed.D.
Dean, Ken Blanchard College of Business
Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ

“Small business men and women should read and reread this book. It’s an eye-opener!”

John W. MacEachern
Founder and former CEO (Retired)
Offshore Maintenance,
Manhattan Beach, CA

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