By Ken Blanchard and Steve Gottry

“Ken Blanchard and Steve Gottry have clearly knocked it out of the park with THE ON-TIME, ON-TARGET MANAGER"! This book not only offers a rock-solid plan to help procrastinators get on track, but it also provides a foundation for making day-to-day decisions based on the highest moral and ethical standards. No matter who you are or what you do, you will gain monumental insights from this quick-read book.”

From the foreword by
Chairman and CEO
Arizona Diamondbacks
and Phoenix Suns

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Are you one of the countless millions of people in every walk of life who tends to procrastinateon the job and perhaps even at home? Has your procrastination caused stress for yourself and others? Do you wish you could change your ways?

Good news! Help has arrived! THE ON-TIME, ON-TARGET MANAGER: How a ”Last Minute Manager” Conquered Procrastination is now available in bookstores nationwide, as well as through your favorite Internet bookseller.

Best-selling author Ken Blanchard and his coauthor, Steve Gottry, offer a clear, concise, solution for overcoming this often career-killing trait. It’s called the “Three P Strategy,” and, if applied as directed, the authors guarantee it will change your life!

Published by William Morrow, NY, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.

By Steven R. Gottry and Linda Jensvold Bauer

A KICK IN THE CAREER, by Steven R. Gottry and Linda Jensvold Bauer, both experts in their respective fields, shares their experience and wisdom as a steppingstone for determining the right career move. The book’s foreword is written by the renowned Ken Blanchard, Ph.D., co-author of THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER, RAVING FANS, GUNG HO!, WHALE DONE! and THE ON-TIME, ON-TARGET MANAGER. 

A KICK IN THE CAREER: How to Get the Job You Want, Keep the Job You Love or Move up to the Perfect Career for You is a motivational gem that will boost the career of every reader.  The divergent career paths of the authorsGottry, from the small business arena and Bauer, from corporate Americasets the stage for a he-says, she-says approach to every topicall delivered with an “attitude.”

The authors’ experiences as business owners and managers will help readers determine their interests and aptitudes so that they can fully enjoy or re-examine their careers.  Fresh perspectives and common sense are melded in an easy-to-read, often humorous, fast-moving book.  With the constant changes in the workplace from layoffs, downsizing, bankruptcy and reorganizing, the authors take a look at the many components of getting one’s career on track or taking a new track in a new direction.

Each author takes turns writing several of the chapters and the other offers a rebuttal or suggests additional thoughts.  Sometimes they agree and other times they disagree…offering the reader unique perspectives from different vantage points.   The Myth of Job Security, How to Think Like an Employer, Seven Career Killers, Seven Career Builders, Is there an Entrepreneur in You, Finding a Mentor, The Break Through resume and Making the Interview Work for You are just a few of the topics Gottry and Bauer address in the line up of Chapters. This book is designed to help the reader examine all the options before making major career decisions.

“Steve and Lindain their amazingly engaging and direct styleoffer you the keys to dreaming it, wanting it, doing itand getting what you’ve always wanted out of life.  They will help you get something different from what you have always gotten.  I am convinced that your futureas well as your presentwill be changed for the better by reading A KICK IN THE CAREER.”

Ken Blanchard, Ph.D.
(from the Foreword)

“This book has a lot of meat in it. The chapters on thinking like an employer, on Seven Career Builders and on Finding a Mentor are especially useful.  Chapter 16, Selling Yourself, is, as far as I am concerned, the endgame for my game….selling.  I’ve been on record for years that in sales, you have two things to sell: Yourself and Results!  That’s it, period.  I was very happy to see a whole chapter devoted to Selling. I enjoyed the way the two authors handled the back and forth discussionwith some agreement, some disagreement.  It makes for a balanced presentation.  The book is a very worthwhile effort and should have broad appeal!”

Charlie Hoag, Vice Pres., Director of Sales,
Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune  

“A KICK IN THE CAREER should be required reading on every college campus.  In addition, it should be bookmarked to be reread at least every ten years.  I am sorry I did not have this book during my career.  I know it would have made me a more effective executive.”

Bernard Goldstein, President (Retired),
Dillard’s Department Stores;
Southwest Division

“Nothing kicks a career forward faster than good mentors, and Steve and Linda are the best you’ll ever find!  Although this book can be recommended for anyone, I think that is really vital reading for the twenty-somethings.  This is a “just do it” book.  I recommend it for young college graduates just before they start that first job after college.  It would make a wonderful college graduation present.” 

C. Randall Powell, Ph.D.,
Clinical Professor of Business Administration,
Indiana University Kelley School of Business

“A KICK IN THE CAREER provides the most practical and concise guidance to manage or reinvigorate your work. In today’s world, it is more important than ever to know and understand the value we bring to the workplace as well  as how to relate it to a potential employer. Steve and Linda provide a wonderfully balanced perspective that allows readers to assess and take responsibility for managing their careers. Bravo and thank you!”

Ed Morgan
Senior Vice President, Executive Services
Right Management Consultants

“In today’s turbulent business environment, this is a must-read book which has a fresh and yet pragmatic approach to finding a new job or career.”

Sandy Williams
The Williams Company
Executive Retail Search Firm

“Anyone who is full of excuses about why he or she is ‘stuck’ in a bad employment situation needs to read A KICK IN THE CAREER. Steve and Linda truly understand how to cure the work place blues.  They speak in clear, easy to apply language and discuss situations which will motivate you to make positive changes in your work life. Everyone should read this book.”

Jamise Liddell, Director of Career Services,
Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ

About the Authors:

Steve Gottry comes from an extensive marketing background; he owned and operated his Minneapolis-based full-service advertising agency from 1970 to 1993.  His writing career was launched with his move to Arizona and he has since written the screenplays for four television and video/DVD projects, and also writes, produces and directs commercial and industrial video projects. Gottry is the co-author, with Ken Blanchard, of THE ON-TIME, ON-TARGET MANAGER. His newest book, COMMON SENSE BUSINESS, is published by Harper Business, New York.

Linda Jensvold Bauer has had a long career in senior management positions with some of the nation’s largest and well-known retailers. She began her career with Dayton Hudson (now Target Corporation) in Phoenix and then with Federated Department Stores in Florida (Burdines) and in Minneapolis (Bloomingdale’s) where she opened the Mall of America store as the Operating Vice President and General Manager. After working for JCPenney as a District Manager where she was responsible for 20 stores, Linda made the decision to launch her motivational speaking and consulting business, Linda is the author of CAREER GEAR and a member of the National Speakers Association.

Trade paperback, 192 pages

LIST PRICE: 14.95 (USD); $20.95 (CAN)

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PHONE ORDERS: (toll free) 1-800-546-8879 or 1-800-560-9854

By Steven R. Gottry

Steve “Perspiring Screenwriter” Gottry, has written a book on screenwriting that will help other perspiring screenwriters begin work on ideas they don’t actually have yet. It's a “writer’s-block buster” with an easy-to-use checklist approach to creating characters and plots. Admittedly, it’s not an in-depth teaching tool, but it’s involving, fun, and cheap. What more could you ask?

Lew Hunter, Chair Emeritus of the UCLA Screenwriting Department, says:

“An excellent ‘How To’ screenwriting book with more laughs than all the other ‘gurus’ put together. From the laughter comes wisdom every ‘gotta-be’ screenwriter needs...badly.”

Ken Wales, Veteran Filmmaker and Executive Producer of "Christy" for CBS TV, offers this endorsement:

“Much more than a handy tool for screenwriters, this remarkable little book will help sharpen the thinking of anyone involved in the creative process of filmmaking. It’s a brilliant road map that will guide you on your way to a great film story.”

Christopher L. Buono wrote this review for the Jan/Feb 2000 issue of WRITER'S JOURNAL:

THE SCREENWRITER'S STORY PLANNING GUIDE is an instant ‘fix-me-up’ for the struggling screenwriter, a good companion for the veteran, and a necessary read for those merely curious about screenwriting. Gottry’s quick-witted and humorous ‘in a nutshell’ style is immediately apparent...a refreshing and rewarding experience. As an author, screenwriter and playwright, Gottry sets forth a varied portfolio that enables him to provide an immediate ‘on your side’ understanding. The page-filled checklists, questions, and bio forms will stimulate even the most blocked imagination. What this guide lacks in page length it makes up for in properly adjusting the focus of screenwriters. This little gem of a book is a welcome addition to any screenwriting library.”

Then there's the email from a student in the USC Film School:

“Your book has been in my possession for only two hours now, and it has already helped me figure out how to approach a script idea that has been troubling me for quite some time. Not only that, but it entertained me while it helped me! There are very few things in this world about which you can say that.”

So you have to decide. Is it worth $7.99 to find out if Lew Hunter, Ken Wales,

WRITER'S JOURNAL and the USC Film School student are right? Will this little book launch your career as a screenwriteror inspire new ideas in the minds already successful screenwriters?

Ask for it at your bookstore. Or order it directly from Priority Multimedia.

Personally autographed upon request.
ISBN: 0-9667483-0-1

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