Do you own or plan to own a small business? 

Have you run a small business that failed and want to start a new one? 

Do you work for a small business?  

Do you know someone who owns a business and wants to be stronger, more focused, and more successful?

This is the book for you!

The truth ismany of the books on business bookstore shelves today offer a lot of wonderful sounding ideas, but they have little practical application in the real world of small business.  COMMON SENSE BUSINESS is full of life and death ideas.  Follow Steve Gottry’s advice, and your business lives and thrives.  Ignore it, and your business flounders or dies.  Benefit from Gottry’s experience as an entrepreneur who grew a hugely successful media agency in the 1990s, experienced a harrowing business failure, then rebounded with a new business and a fresh start on lifeinspired and fortified with the lessons he learned from his mistakes and those around him.

COMMON SENSE BUSINESS tells you what you need to know to succeed through every phase of the small business life cyclefrom starting to operating, growing, and even closing down a business.  No matter the state of the economy or the maturity of your business, you will find winning solutions to the questions and problems you face everyday. Steve Gottry will help you understand yourself, the roles of your employees, customers, and vendors, and how people come together to form a successful business.  You will learn how to maximize your business’ assets and how to ward off those threats that could eat away at your resources and peace of mind, including debt, sloppiness, addiction, and fear.  Warm, honest, funny, and factual, entrepreneur Steven Gottry tells the whole truth about successfully managing a business through good times and bad. 

The book also includes advice on bankruptcy, financing, marketing, dealing with the government, and provides checklists, worksheets, and sidebars by Ken Blanchard and other nationally recognized experts in business and work relationships.

As Gottry writes, “I believe that once an individual has had a taste of the independence, freedom, and sense of accomplishment that a small business offers, that individual will never be satisfied working for someone else."

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